About Us


Local, licensed HVAC contractor proudly serving Houston TX. I have 20 years’ HVAC experience, mostly with top rated local companies before making the decision to go on my own.
Below are some of the reasons why my prices are lower than my competitors.
  • I don’t have a fleet of vehicles to keep going.
  • I don’t have a big expensive shop to pay for.
  • I don’t have over priced phone book ads.
  • Basically…I don’t have to sweat coming up with several THOUSAND dollars each and every month…JUST TO STAY AFLOAT!!! 
I do most service calls myself: not a tech who’s paid commission so he’s motivated to make as much money as possible off each call.
We do top quality work at very reasonable rates. I always tell my install crew to take their time and do a neat & thorough job regardless how long it takes: “Quality before Quantity” 
We always do top rate work done the right way, all at a below average price. Call us today and see why so many people refer us to all they’re friends & family.
Thank you, Steve Spears

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